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Cornerstone Logo Redesign

Cornerstone Logo Redesign

The goal of this project was to redesign the logo for the Cornerstone. The customer asked us to create a logo, that should be more recognizable than the previous one. As a result, we were supposed to prepare a new concept of the logo and a brand book that explains how to use the logo in various environments. 

The logo design was accomplished within 16 days. We created the new concept of the logo and prepared the brand book that contained the vision, logo usage, color palette, and fonts as well as some recommendations on where and how to use the fonts and the backgrounds for the logo.

Old logo

Full 01 cornerstone old logo
Full 02 icons bg
Full 03 what is

Working on the new logo

We started with a brainstorm that should give us some fresh ideas. As a result several drafts were created with a completely new form of logo. But eventually it was decided to get back to the initial form of the logo

Full 04 logos

Choosing the color scheme

Full 05 colors
Full 06 font
Full 07 banners
Full 08 1 brandbook

Brand new logo

Full 09 new logo

That’s all folks

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