Lendline Logo Design Case Study


Lendline Logo Design

The goal was to create a visual symbol for a turnkey white-label SaaS loan origination platform for small and mid-size banks and Credit Unions.

Our team came up with a complex solution that included a symbol with a lettering, a brand book, and a pitch deck for investors. Additionally, a style was developed for the system.

About Lendline 

It is a SaaS solution that enables traditional financial institutions to join the online lending revolution. The platform can be set up very quickly, because it is a like a shopify for lenders. Lending process has never been easier and faster than with the Lendline platform.   

Making of a sign

The Concept

The core concepts behind our visual symbol were the concepts of “growth” and “moving forward”. These metaphors symbolize positive development and transformation that can be achieved with a loan. 



Branded Graphics

A pitch deck that was developed to demonstrate the product to investors included a set of visual graphics and infographics.