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Boss Revolution

POS Terminal UI design

POS Terminal UI design

The goal was to design a POS Terminal UI with an enhanced user experience based on the prototypes that we received from developers

We designed User Interface for several user scenarios such as cashier interaction with a customer and customer interaction with the system. As a result the set of screens was designed for the module that allows managing products, suppliers and customers

Bossrevolution agente case 03

Login as a Cashier

Bossrevolution agente case 09

Working with an order

Bossrevolution agente case 13

Pending Orders


Confirmation screen


Loyalty program

We designed several screens where a client can insert their Boss Revolution card data and so  the cashier will be able to apply a discount for this client and that will reduce the overall price of the purchase. This is all part of the discount module. Apart from this, we designed a module that allows adding products from different categories to the customer's cheque

Bossrevolution agente case 27

Price Book management

Bossrevolution agente case 28
Bossrevolution agente case 32
Bossrevolution agente case 35
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