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San Francisco Stock Exchange

San Francisco Stock Exchange

San Francisco Stock Exchange

Our goal was to develop a visual language for the innovative financial product that would work well in any environment and on any device. The scope of work covered the brand identity, mobile app, website, pitch deck design and MVP development for the mobile app.

We developed a set of design solutions for the new finance product launch and created the  MVP for the mobile app to demonstrate it to investors and first users.

What is SFSE?

The San Francisco Stock Exchange (SFSE) is a public platform for buying and selling U.S. small business financial securities. It's specifically built for millennial retail investors.

Capital market place

6 types of millennial investors

6 types of millennia
Market positioning

Mobile app development


UX/UI design

Ux ui


Log in

Auction module


Market module

Offering module

Portfolio module


Custom illustrations & graphics

Illustrations 1

Custom illustrations symbolizing all types of investors

Illustrations 2



Product website design and development


Pitch deck design for investors

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Slider 3
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