Mobile App Development Services

Agente develops mobile apps for both iOS and Android – powerful, easy to use and always carrying a unique design.

1. Setting up goals and tasks, creating specifications. To create an application capable of solving a client’s business tasks, one should fully understand all the requirements and be able to brief them, having priorities in mind as well.

2. UX/UI design. In a number of iterations we develop a perfect design-vision of the interface. Well thought-through interaction scenarios make user experience of the final application easy and smooth.

3. Development and testing. It is not enough to just create perfect user experience, it’s crucial to build this experience into the application in such a way so that everything that was planned at the stage of prototyping would work smoothly together.

4. Launch and publication in application stores. We prepare the application for publication and place them in the stores, monitor effectiveness and make sure they work well.


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