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World Capitals and Cities Icons Set for Free

World Capitals and Cities Icons Set

Why did we choose to design the world cities icon set?

All Agente designers are fond of traveling so we decided to design a set of city icons that can be used by all keen travelers or tourist business representatives or by anyone who lives in those beautiful cities. If you need to freshen up the face of your travel businessperform a UX audit, and add some pretty details, such as those icons, to your website.


About the Set of City Icons 

It was decided to include in the set 10 the most vivid and mesmerizing icon cities in our opinion. We didn’t focus only on world capitals, our main criteria were the presence of a bright visual symbol in a city and its tourist attraction. As a result, our pack of world city icons includes such beautiful cities as New York, Sydney, Rome, Beijing, Paris, Agra, London, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and Barcelona. We plan to add more cities to the set if it is interesting to the audience.


Why City Icons Are Important

Globalization has changed the roles of cities around the world. The recognition of certain cities by icons is important not only for the web space but also in everyday life.

In a globalized world, large cities and beyond must compete internationally to attract everything positive: tourists, athletes, talent, events, companies, and businesses. Therefore, many today are involved in urban marketing, promoting the strengths of cities. In some cities, marketers have done better than others, but most still fail.

Whether it's city marketing or deeper city branding, it's hard to find something special that highlights your city's position in the world. City icons are one of the tools that are an element of the identity and recognition of the city.



Line Version

The set includes two graphical versions: line versions of the world city icons and icons in a form of stamps.


Stamps Version

What can be considered a symbol of traveling? Of course, it is postcards with stamps that we send our friends from distant lands. That is why we decided to create a version of the set where all icons are put on stamps.

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We hope that you enjoy our world cities icons set, who knows, maybe your city will join the set in the future!

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