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Things to Сonsider When Hiring an Angular Developer for Your Project in 2024

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In the pandemic and post-pandemic world, people are turning to mobile-first interaction with brands and expect the communication to be cross-platform, i.e., available regardless of the device or its screen dimensions that their fingertips come across. It has triggered significant changes in the strategy for front-end development and created challenges for people looking for the right tech stack for their projects. 

In this article, you will learn why Angular might be the best technology choice for your next project and you will gain an overview of where and why to hire dedicated angular software developers.

Why Build Your Next Project on Angular?

Angular is an open-source framework used for mobile and web application development. 

Its library offers a variety of features for front-end developers that can transform complex tasks and objectives into ones that are easy and quick to implement. Let’s recap the main benefits that makes Angular stand out among other front-end development frameworks; we will also touch on the main drawbacks of the tool.

Pros of Angular Framework

pros of angular framework - hire dedicated angular developer

  • It is cross-platform. Angular allows you to build high-performance web apps, native mobile apps, and desktop-installed apps across Mac, Windows, and Linux. Using Angular it’s possible to create a native-like UI.
  • Boasts excellent speed and performance. Angular turns your templates into code that is highly optimized for JavaScript virtual machines. It gives all the benefits of hand-written code and allows Angular apps to load quickly.
  • Supports web components. Angular web components are based on the new standard for web components. It means that Angular offers the possibility of using any component written for the web without resorting to code composition.
  • Gets support from Google and Microsoft. Since 2015, the two giants have improved the quality of the framework and attracted even more interest in it
  • Impresses with its productivity and scalability. Thanks to its design and powerful CLI (command line interface) Angular is easy to scale. You can build software of any complexity—even applications with complex business logic.

What Types of Projects is Angular Perfect for?

You won’t find an unambiguous answer when wondering whether Angular will be good for your project. Customers opt for this framework when they have:

Large Projects with Rigid Structure

For example, CRM and ERP systems, CMS.

Angular offers many ready-made solutions and a well-thought-out system of data collection and storage. That’s why Angular is widely used for creating large-scale systems that perfectly meet the needs of enterprises or organizations. Such applications help companies to organize the workflow and manage specific operations.

Hybrid Applications

For example, Gmail, Google Maps, PayPal, GitHub, Google Drive.

Fast code-writing capabilities, prompt testing options, and the ability to see front-end changes right after the corresponding back-end edits take place―all this makes Angular the most widely used framework for developing projects with dynamic content. Angular is used extensively to create dynamic web pages. 

github website - hire angular software developer

Source: github.com

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

For example, Forbes, Pinterest, Trivago, Starbucks, The Washington Post. 

An Angular PWA is a cost-friendly solution in which you can use web technologies to run mobile applications across platforms both online and offline. Although PWAs work in a browser, they behave similarly to native apps. The major reason people opt for PWAs is that they don’t have to go to Google Play or App Store to download the app.

If your project is an open web service, such as marketplace, a startup that requires scalability, a small separate widget for a site, a social card, a weather app, a messaging app, a productivity app, or an entertainment app, you can also use React for your development.

What Should You Consider When Hiring a Remote Angular Developer?

Now you know all about Angular and its strengths and weaknesses, let’s dig deeper into how to find Angular developers who will deliver your project in full compliance with your specifications.

Angular Developer Responsibilities

Being JavaScript software engineers, Angular developers operate on the client-side of the software, building fully fledged UI services. When you hire an Angular developer, expect them to assume the following responsibilities:

  • front-end development using Javascript and its technologies,
  • building RESTful APIs,
  • work with external APIs and data sources,
  • unit testing,
  • fixing.

Any development process is teamwork. Angular developers work closely with the back-end software engineers in a dedicated project team. They make sure SPA creation meets the specified terms and standards to the full. Following the development phase, the responsibilities of such developers also include testing code units, components, services, etc.

Skills of an Experienced Angular Developer

When you hire dedicated angular developers, expect them to demonstrate the following skillset:

  • JavaScript. Whether you hire an Angular, React, or Vue.js developer, they must have in-depth knowledge of the JavaScript language.
  • Angular framework. The framework is frequently updated and has a variety of versions. Your developer should be familiar with the latest Angular version or the version needed for your project.
  • Knowledge of markup languages including HTML5, CSS3. Developers with such experience will be able to tweak corporate press sites and create stunning corporate newsletters. 
  • Attention to detail. This skill is vital for a developer. It ensures the written code is of high quality and bug free.
  • Great communicative skills. Your developers should keep you updated on the process and stages of your project.

skills of Angular developers - hire remote angular developer

What is the Best Way to Find an Angular Developer?

There are three ways you find Angular programmers for hire:


You can use freelance platforms, such as Upwork, TopTal, YourTeam, and CodementorX to collect feedback for the available hiring options (country, the man/hour costs, experience in software development, case studies, responsiveness, reviews). You then shortlist the leaders, and start working with the relevant specialist.

This variant of collaboration has its disadvantages. Freelancers are not properly supervised and you can’t be sure of the work quality. 


Here you hire talent for your in-house team. You can search for candidates on LinkedIn, job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, or on your website.

In-house recruitment is not the best variant if you want to start quickly because finding, interviewing, and negotiating takes time, and if an employee departs, the process begins again. What’s more, hiring new staff members doesn't come cheap. You’ll face financial challenges with fixed HR expenses, compensations, benefits, and training.

Outsourcing company

You can go to the websites like Clutch, Trustpilot, and GoogleMyBusiness to see the list of companies providing IT services and compare their expertise and reviews on their services. 
The two main reasons to hire dedicated Angular developers from an outsourcing company are:

  • Cost-effectiveness. This is probably the most important benefit. Outsourcing allows customers to get the work done at a lower cost and in a much more efficient way. The kind of work which is done in the West for a high price can be obtained at a much cheaper rate in Eastern European countries; the difference can be as much as 60%.
  • Greater engagement and flexibility. According to Harvard Business Review, remote workers often demonstrate better engagement with their colleagues and supervisors than those who work in office workers. Dedicated developers plunge into one project and focus on delivering great results in a short period of time. 
  • Specific expertise availability. Your company might have an IT department but it won’t always have specific talents. Outsourcing is the quickest way to scale up your team for a particular project without paying extra money on the recruitment process.
  • Opportunity to focus on core business. The key point of outsourcing is to allow you to strongly focus on the business part of a project and your core activities without unnecessary distractions on organizing a development team.

Examples of Agente Projects on Angular

Atterley — an e-commerce web platform for fashion retailers. The  Agente team optimized the website’s UX for higher conversion, improved Atterley’s catalog and product pages, polished the information architecture, and strengthened the brand identity. 

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atterley agente project case

Source: Agente case

New Radio — media website. Our dedicated team used a one-page app approach that would not reload pages and halt streaming; we also made this site compatible with any device.

new radio website вебсайт новое радио

Source: Agente case

Wrap Up

Angular has already been successfully used on 8000+ websites. It allows you to build sophisticated and dynamic sites and applications that can be served by any technologies such as Java, Node. NET, PHP, etc., and deployed to any environment. 

If you are looking for dedicated Angular development experts with extensive experience under their belts, reach out to us. Contact us and we will find the specialists that will convert your idea into a viable solution.


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