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Healthcare Software Development

For years, we’ve been developing custom healthcare apps, telehealth and mHealth solutions that address the most acute challenges of medical providers.

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Healthcare Software Solutions

As a custom medical software development company, Agente will understand the needs of caregivers and support the healthcare industry with unique solutions, such as medical appointment apps, healthcare scheduling software, clinical management apps, corporate medical portals, digital patient solutions, mobile apps, and telehealth apps.

We build custom healthcare software to help hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, as well as healthtech providers to deliver cost-effective quality patient care. Each product we make has a well-thought user experience design that gives quick access to patient records enhances task automation and keeps paperwork in the due order.

Healthtech and Medical Software

Clinical &
workforce management

We work on appointment scheduling systems, patient portals, and clinical documentation system.

Telehealth solutions

Our team builds telemedicine applications that leverage online treatment and increase patient flow.

mHealth and fitness apps

Our medical mobile apps help doctors and patients keep track of records remotely from their mobile devices.

Healthcare analytics

Healthcare analytics can put data at the heart of your decision-making through the power of BI technologies.

Medical practice management

We deliver solutions that manage and optimize every aspect of financial, operational and medical practices.

Digital patient systems

Digital patient software is bridging the gap between healthcare apps and the EHR/ EMR systems.

Advantages of healthcare solutions

For healthcare providers:

  • Daily clinical routine control
  • Steady patient monitoring
  • Improved medical billing
  • Efficient patient-doctor communication
  • EHR and EMR access and management
  • Informed clinical decision-making
  • Accessible medical staff training

For patients:

  • Improved patient care
  • Facilitated information flow and interoperability
  • Fewer medical errors
  • Claim fraud prevention
  • Minimized unnecessary expenses
  • Compliance with healthcare standards and regulations

Our Competence in Healthcare
Software Development

Trusted and Skilled Team

Since 2009, we have been providing custom medical solutions to address urgent needs of businesses worldwide. We are proud of our 100+ successful projects in UX/UI design web, mobile software development, QA & testing.

Personalized Approach

Our design and development process is driven by solving your particular business problems. We build products that help you reach your business goals, believing that software is only a tool to contribute to your success.

Industry Standards Compliance

We keep up with the changing regulations and laws in healthcare software development to make sure that our solutions comply with HIPAA, IEC 62304, OWASP and FDA 21 CFR Part 820.

Design-Driven Development

We view your business requirements from the perspective of form, function, and experience. For each project, we can run product workshops before development to provide end-users with a stress-free experience.

Who We Deliver To

We offer full-cycle healthcare software development services for mid-sized and large medical and pharmaceutical businesses as well as healthtech providers and startups.

Healthtech providers

We help healthcare technology companies to harness powerful medical software solutions and create products and services for hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies.

Hospitals & medical centers

We create custom healthcare software for hospitals and clinics that empowers those healthcare organizations with digital technology and automation solutions.

Pharmaceutical companies

Working with pharmaceutical companies, we create POS & pharmacy software solutions to manage stores, stocks and communicate drug information.

Our Healthcare Projects

What Our Clients Are Saying

LendLine is a white label SaaS solution for online lenders, banks and credit unions to lend at scale.

Workfusion is a leading vendor of Intelligent Automation solutions combining AI, RPA & machine learning capabilities for business process automation.

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